Stupidly think you had it under control, dont know what you were getting yourself into 😔

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It took me so long to figure out what to write, so my friends came up with this: 

1. Whenever she’s in a rush, she lari anak-anak pondan.

2. She doesnt care if we’re going indoors, if its cloudy, she’s not stepping outside because her hair has to be on point.

3. You’re welcome, @araffshah.

4. She gets angry easily.

5. The queen of all provokers.

6. She wouldn’t eat on dates, especially when she’s interested in the guy.

7. She never finishes her food
“kalau I pack, keji tak?”

8. She’s afraid of the ocean because of Jerung, so she can’t swim.

9. Her left armpit tends to sweat more than her right.

10. Her signature look: Hoop Earrings.

11. She likes Mat Salleh 
(but @imanalyssa loves Mat Soleh)

12. She’s always insecure so she likes to rotate her pictures because it would make herself feel a little confident.

13. She loves Coldplay and is obssessed with Mesut Ozil.

14. During sleepovers, she’ll constantly disturb us to prevent us from sleeping
“weh korang dah nak tido ke? jangan la tido lagi I tak ngantuk do” x100

15. She likes to add unnecessary lines & riff when she sings.

16. She wouldn’t walk to McDonalds even if it takes only 10 steps.

17. She has a mole fetish.

18. No nigga touchin her phone doe.

19. Despite all that, she’s great at making us laugh.

20. And she’s our best friend and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
W I W Y  (at The Troika)


Jacey Duprie is wearing a distressed denim jeans from Express, bag from Chanel, sunglasses from RayBan, shoes from Prada and the blazer is from Helmut Lang


how i feel when i gotta get up and close my room door after someone walks out and leaves it open


Penat layan awek hindustan sorang ni hahahahahaahahahahahahaha