Hi. My name is Paul Christian but my friends call me Kit. (insert traditional ‘how will you describe yourself’ sentences here). No. haha. Actually I am not fond of this kind of thing (sad face). Well my photography is just, umm, not that professional but it is worth seeing. I snap photos of objects i see around me whether it is a chair, silhouette, etc. that, for some people, seem to be normal or typical things. But for me, it is beyond that. It’s like they have “something” in them, a somewhat peculiar attribute that I cannot describe. I’ll just grab my camera and snap a photo of it. Aaand that is how my blog is born.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for The Coveteur, February 2014. 

Burning Hill - C10 sRGB by norsez {thanks for 4.2 million views} on Flickr.

George Stevens
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